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Weatherboard House Painters Melbourne

Do you want to make your weatherboard home look fantastic?

We at Sterling Painters, the weatherboard painters Melbourne professionals, can help you outshine your neighbours. And your Friends too.

Why? Because we are a trusted and recommended painting company of experienced and qualified Master Painters, using premium painting products. And as a result, we’ll make your weatherboard house the envy of your neighbours. Certainly the exterior house painting job of the street. The only work you’ll have to do is choose what colour to paint your weatherboard.

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Weatherboard House Painters – Colours.

Why is a Weatherboard House Colour Scheme so important?

It’s a direct reflection of you, and likewise, your taste, to your friends and neighbours.

The exterior house colour scheme suggests whether you have any style in choosing weatherboard paint colours, and whether you have giving any consideration to how this scheme fits in with the street. Consequently you could have a great paint colour scheme, but it could look out of place in your street. Your neighbours won’t be happy.

A great way to find great weatherboard house paint colours is by finding a similar weatherboard house that you like and simply replicating that scheme. Pinterest is useful too, but be aware that Pinterest is global and some paint colour formulas aren’t available here. We have a colour consultant if you can’t make you mind up, the great thing about that is you can take to credit for her hard work.

Now the most important thing to remember is that we want your house to look great too. It’s free advertising for us, the weatherboard house painters, so we know a good exterior house colour scheme when we see them.

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The Cost of Painting a Weatherboard House

How much does it cost to paint a Weatherboard House?

Let’s get down to the basics and talk money.

This may seem like the question you want answered, but it’s not. How much does it cost NOT to paint a weatherboard house? That’s the question.

Because of Melbourne’s harsh climate, weatherboard houses require regular maintenance. The weatherboards will rot, the paint will fade and crack, and therefore the weather will get in. Your investment, your weatherboard house, needs painting.


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The Average Cost of Painting a Weatherboard House Exterior

Is Painting a Weatherboard House a lot cheaper than a carpenter replacing your weatherboards?

Of course, and the weatherboards still need painting.

A good quality exterior paint job will not only protect your investment, it’s a whole lot cheaper than replacing weatherboards and windows. We know what and where to look for the signs of wear and tear in your house exterior, and as a result, we can usually fix the issue before it becomes a major weatherboard repair.

But if you have left it a little late, we can organise a Carpenter for those major weatherboard repairs.

Here’s an article from Domain, interviewing Master Painters Association of Victoria chief executive Mark Amos, detailing what you should be really expecting to pay.

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Weatherboard House Paint Colour Scheme

And you so want to talk about weatherboard house paint colour ideas again?

Sorry it’s the boring weatherboard preparation now.

Because we have to talk about the preparation of your weatherboards first. It maybe a dull topic but it’s the second most important weatherboard painting topic, the first being the exterior house colour scheme, obviously!

We use a cast iron weatherboard prepartion procedure for all exterior painting jobs.

We remove all flaking paint, using scrapers. Hand sand all the weatherboards, to remove imperfections and to promote adhesion between coats of paint. Spot prime where needed. Fill where needed, and spot prime again.

So do you think we apply two coats of Dulux Weathershield now?

No, only one. Because we start the prepartion again, hand sanding, filling and gapping where needed and spot priming. It’s surprising how much is missed on the first go around. Now we apply the second coat.

But what about cleaning weatherboards first?

That’s right weatherboards get greasy, dusty and mouldy, so why don’t we powerwash the weatherboard house first? Two reasons: First of all, paint has improved so much that it sticks to greasy areas and is anti-bacterial, at least the premium Dulux Weathershield does. And secondly we’re going to sand and sand, it’s going to get a whole lot dustier. It’s a waste of time and money.

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Exterior House Painter – Weatherboard House Painters

Why do we Paint Weatherboard House Exteriors by Hand with a Brush, and Not with a Sprayer?

It’s all down to money, and the saving of lots of money. Your money.

First of all it conserves paint, spraying wastes huge amounts of paint as most drifts away with the breeze. Therefore Saving Paint. Saving you Money.

With spraying everything needs to be masked or covered. Absolutely everything. Especailly your neighbour’s property. Because the paint needs to be watered down when spraying, it needs to be painted 4 or more times. In contrast, Painting with a brush requires only a drop sheet below the work area. Therefore Saving Time. Saving you Money.

Hand painting with a brush allows the weatherboard house painters to get right up close to the weatherboards. We can spot many things that a sprayer simply would see. Pinpoint imperfections. We can also easily adjust paint levels for dryer areas, and paint those difficult to reach places. In contrast to a sprayer who paints only horizontally from well over a metre away. Therefore providing Longer Lasting Paint Jobs. Saving you Money.


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Pre Primed Weatherboards

They won’t need priming, right?

Priming the pre primed weatherboards is a step we can’t leave out and here’s why.

We weatherboard painters use premium products, follow strict procedures and industry standards throughout your exterior painting job. There really aren’t any step we can miss out in giving you a quality paint job. You pay for what you get.

Pre primed boards will still need to be primed, because it is an Industry standard. Why? Due to the pre primed boards only having a LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) on them. It’s used to protect the boards in transit and storage only.

A proper primer is a preparatory coating put on materials before painting. Priming ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection for the material being painted.


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External Weatherboard House Painters

Why are there so many Weatherboard Houses in Melbourne?

Let’s face it they need constant maintenance, and what with a tin roof hard to keep cool and heat.

Timber Weatherboard Cladding is part of Australia’s heritage, ever since the early European settlers. Weatherboard Houses now represent but the old and new in house design, as a result of Architects designing new weatherboard homes that fit with the heritage of Melbourne.

It seems like painting weatherboards will never go out of fashion, due to changing colour schemes. Whether your Weatherboard home is a heritage, modern or a classic it will probably need the TLC of a good paint job sooner or later, consequently that’s where we fit in.


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