Weatherboard Dulux Colour Award 2018 Our Entry

Our Weatherboard Dulux Colour Awards 2018 Entry

Weatherboard Dulux Colour Award

Weatherboard Dulux Colour Awards 2018 Sterling Painters Entry

We were recently contacted by Dulux to provide an entry to the Dulux Colour Awards 2018. Naturally we’re very proud of our work, so loved the idea of showing a weatherboard off. Our Colour Consultant provided the hard work

It’s very easy to pick, or have picked, a colour scheme that you love. But that just ticks one box. Far more important criteria should be addressed when picking a colour scheme, and this is why we chose our entry.

Ours is not a colour scheme to change the world. It’s not a colour scheme that’s trending. I doubt it has any of Dulux Autumn Trends. It’s a colour scheme that works on many levels. I’ll explain.

Colour Consultation – Restructions

What can’t be changed? Tiles? Roof? Gardening?

In this case a new roof wasn’t an option.

The colour scheme had to work with a red roof. It’s no good picking the latest trending colours if they clash with the red roof!

Colour Consultation – Location

What does the street look like? How will the colour scheme fit in?

The streetscape is very important, your house should never make a statement too far. Does the colour scheme compliment your neighbours? Or does it stand out like a sore thumb?

Colour Consultation – Classic or Modern

Working with the clients, seeing what furniture, existing colours used, their taste, and in this case the interior of their house looks like, a colour scheme should compliment them.

In this case, very tasteful with a sharp edge. A recent renovation at the rear of the house needed to be nodded to the front of the house.

So the house is a renovation that has classic touches and a Victorian weatherboard with modern hints. Done. I think we’re on to a winner of a Weatherboard Dulux Colour Award 2018.

Weatherboard Dulux Colour Awards


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Dulux Colour Awards 2018 Sterling Painters Entry Result

We received confirmation that we didn’t make it through to the final this time. But we’ve learnt a few lessons, which is the main thing, and next year if we don’t win it we’ll get to the finals.