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Another Week, Another Weatherboard House

We do spend awful amount of time painting weatherboard houses, which is great because …

  1. It’s great to be outside in the warm weather.
  2. Quick fix to daily job satisfaction.
  3. Melbourne has a lot of weatherboard houses.
  4. Autumn’s the perfect time of year to paint a weatherboard.

Well, number 4 is wrong. It is the perfect time for the painters to paint weatherboard houses. It’s warm, not much rain, not too hot. Great. See number 1 and number 2. But…

…Australia isn’t the only place famous for weatherboard houses. Think USA and more importantly Canada. They don’t just paint houses in July!

Acrylic Afternoons

We are lucky here in Melbourne, we can paint house exteriors pretty much all year round. Winter is good because the paint can take it’s time to dry, less sun etc. Miserable painters though? Thermals were designed for a reason. Done.

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Kew – Painting Weatherboard Houses in Autumn

The Colours and Paints used.

  • Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen. Papaya Cream
  • Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen. Grey Green
  • Dulux Weathershield Gloss. Grey Green

If you need help with the colour  scheme, our colour consultant can help.

Painters’ Access Issues

We have spent a lot of time and effort on this job trying to devise a way to gain access to the top half of a gable, there is an awning, unremovable, in the way.

  • Scaffolding is very expensive, and when quoted, took a third of the job price.
  • Cherry picker/Boom lift. No access.
  • Big ladder. The awning ruins the angle.

weatherboard house painting

Painting Solution:

Outriggers. Outriggers are ladder accessories that are placed on the top runs of the ladder and push the ladder out from the surface by about 50cm.

Painting a Flemington Weatherboard House & Picket Fence

painting weatherboard houses Flemington

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Colour Consultation, or Beg, Steel or Borrow?

This Flemington Weatherboard House & Picket Fence painting job, can you guess? Was it a Colour Consultation, or did the owner used other methods to get her colour scheme?

The Colours and Paints used:

Weathershield Low Sheen ‘Stepney’, Low Sheen ‘Stepney half strength’, Gloss ‘Vivid White’, Gloss ‘ Surf Mist’, Gloss ‘Black’.

Painting a Flemington Weatherboard House & Picket Fence

Flemington Weatherboard House & Picket Fence

Flemington Weatherboard House & Picket Fence

We get many weatherboard houses to paint in Flemington, there are quite a lot there, and this gem came out looking like a million dollars.

The Fence was brand new, and I have to say it was a really well built fence, all we had to do was prep, prime and paint.

The Weatherboard House Colour Scheme! You Want to Know About the Colour Scheme!

Well the owner liked a weatherboard house colour scheme that she’d seen, so she asked the house’s owner

It’s quite common, and therefore we can even ask for you, if you’re a little shy.

It’s the ultimate ‘try before you buy’ painting options because you get to see the results before you decide.


Weatherboard Dulux Colour Award 2018 Our Entry

Our Weatherboard Dulux Colour Awards 2018 Entry

Weatherboard Dulux Colour Award

Weatherboard Dulux Colour Awards 2018 Sterling Painters Entry

We were recently contacted by Dulux to provide an entry to the Dulux Colour Awards 2018. Naturally we’re very proud of our work, so loved the idea of showing a weatherboard off. Our Colour Consultant provided the hard work

It’s very easy to pick, or have picked, a colour scheme that you love. But that just ticks one box. Far more important criteria should be addressed when picking a colour scheme, and this is why we chose our entry.

Ours is not a colour scheme to change the world. It’s not a colour scheme that’s trending. I doubt it has any of Dulux Autumn Trends. It’s a colour scheme that works on many levels. I’ll explain.

Colour Consultation – Restructions

What can’t be changed? Tiles? Roof? Gardening?

In this case a new roof wasn’t an option.

The colour scheme had to work with a red roof. It’s no good picking the latest trending colours if they clash with the red roof!

Colour Consultation – Location

What does the street look like? How will the colour scheme fit in?

The streetscape is very important, your house should never make a statement too far. Does the colour scheme compliment your neighbours? Or does it stand out like a sore thumb?

Colour Consultation – Classic or Modern

Working with the clients, seeing what furniture, existing colours used, their taste, and in this case the interior of their house looks like, a colour scheme should compliment them.

In this case, very tasteful with a sharp edge. A recent renovation at the rear of the house needed to be nodded to the front of the house.

So the house is a renovation that has classic touches and a Victorian weatherboard with modern hints. Done. I think we’re on to a winner of a Weatherboard Dulux Colour Award 2018.

Weatherboard Dulux Colour Awards


trending weatherboard house colours

Dulux Colour Awards 2018 Sterling Painters Entry Result

We received confirmation that we didn’t make it through to the final this time. But we’ve learnt a few lessons, which is the main thing, and next year if we don’t win it we’ll get to the finals.